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Make the Move towards a Paperless Office
Many professionals are required to maintain copies of documents and records. Evolving ethical standards have expanded this need, adding to the cost of maintaining an ever-growing hoard of paper files. There is a better way.
The Alternative's digital reproduction and preservation service can convert a room full of paper into a small stack of CDs or files stored on a server. Professionally indexed for easy accessibility, those files can then be viewed on any computer.

Digital Imaging, File Indexing, and Archiving Services: Documents to be scanned are inventoried on receipt and again after scanning. Saved as single-page TIFF files or multiple-page PDFs, files are indexed according to your specifications and copied onto CDs or the media of your choice. After scanning, original documents can be returned to you or destroyed by shredding.
There are Huge Advantages to Digital Archiving: Once digitized, files can be transfered anywhere, storage and retreival costs are drastically reduced, and you will have created an inexpensive backup system. There are advantages in efficienty and envoronmental friendliness as well.


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